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27 September 2024 – 29 September 2024 –


Our harvest zone celebrates the great British harvest. Visitors can delight in the finest from the counties’ orchards and hopyards in hops, apples, perry and beer, as well as the crowning glory of the Harvest Pavilion, with show benches offering up a beautiful crop of vegetables, soft fruit and flowers.

Check back for 2024 show details.


The Orchard Pavilion celebrates both traditional and modern orchards, from apple and perry orchards to damson orchards. There’s a whole host of information on how modern-day orcharding practices compare to those practiced by our ancestors. This is the best place to buy  produce from local orchards and farms and learn more about maintaining your own orchard.

Come and cast your vote for your favourite Perry and try the best of the Three Counties’ fresh fruit and juice. The Orchard Pavilion also plays host to the Commercial Apples and Pears competition and the prize-winning fruit is auctioned off at 3pm on the Sunday of the show.

The three shires of Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire together produce more than half of the hops grown in the UK and are collectively known as the Hopshires.

The Malvern Autumn Show features a Hopyard Pavilion to allow hop growers and brewers in these counties to come together to promote the region’s hop growing prowess and the vital role it has to play in the future of British brewing. Anyone interested in learning more about all aspects of the industry and hop to glass process will be able to chat to local growers and brewers in this area.


This is a fantastic area for children and families, with plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained.

There will be opportunities to sample apples, apple juice, fruit leathers and apple crisps as well as displays of  different types of apple trees, such as espalier, cordons and fans.

There will also be plenty of information on how trees are grafted rather than grown from seed and how to graft more than one variety on to a rootstock and advice on how to identify where fruit has been grown.

Visitors can learn how British orchards change throughout the seasons and about the life cycle of soft fruit and/or apples. There will be information on how to get into careers within the British fruit industry too.

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