Relive It at Malvern Autumn Show

Vintage Village

Head back in time and relive the good old days in the Vintage Village. Pick up a gorgeous gown from one of the vintage shopping stands. Take a look at the vintage machinery on display including garden machinery, classic caravans and vintage tractors.

Whizz down the helter-skelter or take a spin on the carousel with the Old Tyme Fairground.

Vintage Dance

At the heart of the village take part in one of the free dance lessons. Taking place throughout the weekend, you can learn all about dances from the 40s and 50s.

Vintage Craft

All in the name of Make Do and Mend, have a go at recycling wool, fabric and buttons to create a re-purposed treasure. Help the Women’s Division of the Royal British Legion crochet and knit poppies for the Remembrance display.

Children can use an old sock to make a glove puppet or make wooden peg dolls using recycled textiles.

Wartime Pub

While away the afternoon in the Wartime Pub perfectly recreated in all the trappings of the 1940s.

Vintage Tearoom

Looking to take a moment to relax and escape the bustling show? The head for the tearoom for tea and cake before you check out some of the fantastic pieces from Frankie’s emporium.

Country Pursuits and Forgotten Skills

Enjoy some of Britain’s most traditional rural activities. Learn about some of the skills and pastimes which have survived over the years and continue to thrive today.

The Forgotten Skills group keep alive some of the traditional ways of working from yesteryear. It's a great area to visit and find out how things were created in the past.

Discover our skilled artisan craftsmen in the Rural Craft area, next to the Westons Cider Garden. From willow weaving to blacksmithing, there are lots of skills to learn.


Discover a whole range of traditional forestry skills and crafts. Including traditional and modern sawmill, chainsaw demonstrations and woodturning.

Be amazed at the speed competitive pole climbers scale the 80ft high poles (supported by AUS Ltd).

Four Pole Climbing Facts

  1. Pole climbing is a race to see who can climb an 80ft pole in the fastest time. The timer starts by a pressure pad at the bottom and stops when the climber hits a button at the top
  2. Many of the climbers are Arborists but anyone that is physically fit is able to climb
  3. The World Record for climbing 80ft stands at 9.07 seconds held by Grant Gallier of the UK
  4. The oldest climber that we know of in this country is an 80-year-old who can climb the poles in 30 seconds. He does this for the charity Marie Curie and has raised over £40,000 in 10 years

Shepherd Huts

Pop by and see the two Shepherd huts, provided by Riverside Shepherd Huts, and our own traditional authentic shepherd’s hut from the late 18th Century with Jacob sheep grazing in the surrounding past.