Relive and Rural Persuits

Vintage Village

Head back in time and relive the good old days in the Vintage Village. Pick up a gorgeous gown from one of the vintage shopping stands. Take a look at the vintage machinery on display including garden machinery, classic caravans and vintage tractors and machinery like this traction engine Mr Tweedie!

Wartime Pub

While away the afternoon in the Wartime Pub perfectly recreated in all the trappings of the 1940s.

Vintage Tearoom

Looking to take a moment to relax and escape the bustling show? The head for the tearoom for tea and cake before you check out some of the fantastic pieces from Frankie’s emporium.

Rural Pursuits 

Forgotten Skills & Rural Crafts

Enjoy some of Britain’s most traditional rural activities. Learn about some of the skills and pastimes which have survived over the years and continue to thrive today. The Forgotten Skills group keep alive some of the traditional ways of working from yesteryear. It's a great area to visit and find out how things were created in the past. Discover our skilled artisan craftsmen in the Rural Craft area, next to the Westons Cider Garden. From willow weaving to blacksmithing, there are lots of skills to learn.


The huge climbing poles at the heart of the forestry area are not to be missed as they are scaled by expert tree climbers. Discover a whole range of traditional forestry skills and crafts. Including traditional and modern sawmill, chainsaw demonstrations and woodturning.


Watch an exciting display of traditional craftsmanship as skilled individuals compete to create horseshoes for different purposes live in front of the audience. This will be one of the largest competitions in the country with farriers travelling from across the UK. Watch the sparks fly as horseshoes are crafted in the forges and fitted on horses feet.


Sunday Visitors to the Rural Crafts Area will find stick-makers competing for the title of champion stick-maker, a British Stick-makers National Guild Competition with entries from across England and Wales. Classes feature exquisitely carved sticks to include decorated sticks, stag horn sticks and plain walking sticks. Watch these master craftsmen at work producing beautiful sticks.