Harvest It

Orchard Pavilion, Hopyard and Vineyard 

The Orchard Pavilion celebrates both traditional and modern orchards. From apple orchards to damson orchards, there’s a whole host of information on how modern day orcharding practices compare to those practiced by our ancestors.

The popular Annual Fruit Juice Show and Commercial Apple and Pear Competitions return. Pick up apples, fruit trees and preserves made from orchard fruits. 

Celebrate the humble hop from bine to beer in the Hopyard and discover how this delicious tipple is produced.

New for 2017 we celebrate wine producers from the local area.

Harvest Pavilion

One of the UKs largest Harvest Pavilions, here you will find nearly 30 National Plant Societies, National Championships for the National Vegetable Society, our own Open Gardening section with over 1,000 entries.

Not to be missed, top experts from the RHS Tender Plant Committee are hosting talks throughout the show,