CANNA UK National Giant Vegetables Championship

Expert growers battle it out in the CANNA UK National Giant Vegetables Championship to grow the heaviest or the longest vegetables.

Each year we see World Records broken in many categories. For the first time, this year we welcome officials from Guinness World Records to the show. On Sunday Guinness will verify any official records achieved at the show and award the coveted title to growers.

In 2018 growers smashed five world records:

  • World’s Heaviest Celery – 42kg, Grower Gary Heeks, Henley-in-Arden
  • World’s Heaviest Red Cabbage – 23.7kg, Grower Tim Saint, Reading
  • World’s Heaviest Bell Pepper – 0.72kg, Grower Ian Neale, Newport
  • World’s Heaviest Aubergine – 3.06kg, Grower Ian Neale, Newport
  • World’s Heaviest Leek – 10.7kg, Grower Paul Rochester, County Durham
  • World's Heaviest Chilli - 0.42kg, Grower Dale Toten, Somerset

We’re looking forward to breaking even more records this year.

Take a look at our top five giant vegetable facts below.

  1. Every year in September the Malvern Autumn Show hosts the CANNA UK National Giant Vegetables Championship.
  2. Snoop Dog, the infamous American rapper, once scooped up some growing advice from the record-breaking veg grower, Ian Neale. Snoop congratulated Ian on his supersized Swede, giving him VIP tickets to his tour.
  3. In the 1980s the National Giant Vegetables Championship had to move to a new venue because the pumpkins were getting too big to fit through the door. The current record was set in 2014 by a German gardener and weighs over one tonne.
  4. Most giant vegetables are grown for bragging rights alone and are not usually eaten. Many growers donate their voluminous veg as feed for livestock.
  5. In 2012 vegetable grower star and Malvern Autumn Show stalwart, Peter Glazebrook grew an oversized onion. It weighed in at an eye-watering 8.16kg world record, the equivalent of a Canada Goose.

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