Grow It at Malvern Autumn Show

Malvern Autumn Pavilion

Malvern Autumn Pavilion is home to a host of gardening experts in the Autumn Theatre and exciting exhibits including the CANNA UK National Giant Vegetables Championship.

Join us in the Autumn Theatre, hosted by Martin Fish, for an array of floral talks and demonstrations. This year we welcome back Gardeners' World expert Carol Klein and making her debut appearance Alys Fowler, both will be on hand throughout the weekend for help and advice for your garden. 

The Autumn Theatre, designed by RHS Gold Medal winner Jon Wheatley, is a sea of colour created from numerous varieties of dahlias.  Jon will be sharing his passion for dahlias and gardening on stage throughout the weekend.

Find out more about all our Gardening and Floral Experts.

Pheasant Acre Plants will display gladioli, Jacques Amand will showcase an array of autumn flowering bulbs and Pennard Plants will have a traditional village show display with seeds to buy.

Frank P Matthews, fruit tree specialists, will have a display of over 300 apple varieties for you to discover.

A must visit in the Malvern Autumn Pavilion, where size really does matter, the CANNA UK National Giant Vegetables Championship.  Expert growers battle it out to grow enormous pumpkins and  be crowned champion.

Last year saw four World Records broken including the world's heaviest Red Cabbage at 23.3kg (grown by David Thomas, Cornwall), almost 10lbs heavier than the previous record set in 1925.

We’re looking forward to breaking even more records this year!

RHS Flower Show

See stunning floral displays at the RHS Flower Show with nurseries competing for the coveted RHS Gold Medal.  The Potting Bench, hosted by local gardening expert Reg Moule, gives many of the nurseries an opportunity to share their passion and advice with you. Take a look at which nurseries are joining us this year.

Looking for free expert horticultural advice? Make sure you pay the RHS Advisory team a visit in the RHS Flower Show; they are there to answer all your gardening questions.

Plant Shops

Stock up on gardening goodies ready for next year and prepare your garden for winter with help from a selection of nurseries.  Take a look at which nurseries will be joining us this year.

Autumn Floral Fiesta and Floral Art

Celebrate British cut flower growers with renowned floral designer Jonathan Moseley, commercial florists and enthusiast in the Autumn Floral Fiesta.  Watch demonstrations and take part in workshops with some of the country's top florists and growers.

The Flower Talk Theatre, hosted by Jonathan Moseley, has a variety of demonstrations and workshops taking place as arrangers give an insight into how to create floral decorations.  Take a look at the Flowertalk Timetable to make sure you don't miss Jonathan.

The Floral Art section, adorned with a variety of exhibits, is heady with scent, colour and visual appeal.

Talented floral arrangers have created stunning works of art to this year’s theme of ‘Arboretum’. Exhibits are judged on their form, colour, balance and proportions of design.

Don't miss the NFYFC Floral Art competition on Sunday in Severn Hall. 

The Power of Pollinators sponsored by Ecotalk

Head outside the Malvern Autumn Pavilion and join us on a journey looking at bees, bumblebees and other important pollinators.  We all rely on pollinators to ensure that we have enough food to keep us alive.

Talk to beekeepers about how you can have a hive at home, or look through microscopes to see the close-up detail of bumblebees and pollen. We will have scientists and ecologists on hand to show you exactly what is The Power of Pollinators. 

The Power of Pollinators feature garden by Martyn Wilson and supported by Hortus Loci

Martyn has collaborated with Hortus Loci to create the Power of Pollinators feature garden which includes a mix of trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennials that provide sources of pollen and nectar for pollinators throughout the year.