Experience It at Malvern Autumn Show

Nationwide Family Green

There's something for the whole family at Malvern Autumn Show.  Have fun on the family green with activities including the Junk Ball Run, rural craft, circus and garden games, or relax in the chill out zone and listen to story telling at the Treehouse Garden.  Saddle up and take a donkey ride around the green and visit the adorable fluffy sheep Ryleland Sheep Show. 

Sitting under the gently swaying branches of the Treehouse Garden, you will be taken on a journey of the imagination to lands both near and far, by our internationally renowned storytellers.  Start planning your day with the Treehouse Tales timetable.  

Peter Chand Storyteller (Sat)

British Indian storyteller Peter Chand is one of Europe’s most renowned storytellers and is constantly in demand for his tales of wit and wisdom.  He has shared his tales all across Britain and has also performed in Norway, France, Austria, Canada, and Singapore, amongst other countries.  Peter grew up with Punjabi as his first language, and still visits family in the Punjab to collect folk tales, which he then translates into English and shares all around the world.  

Christine McMahon Storyteller (Sun)

Christine McMahon is a vibrant Storyteller with an international reputation. She has a love of traditional folktales, particularly those with a link to her Northern roots. Born in Lancashire, living in Yorkshire, her ready wit and warm manner, mixed with a dollop of Northern grit make her a unique performer who tells tales close to home even when she is far away!

Activity Arena

All day entertainment in the Activity Arena where you will find duck herding, gundog demonstrations, dog agility competitions and the vintage tractor display.  Take a look at the timetable so you don't miss your favourite activity.

World of Animals sponsored by Bredon School

A popular area, with animals of all shapes and sizes waiting to greet visitors including dogs, horses, sheep and much more.  We also have competitions for rabbits, guinea pigs and poulty where you can come and learn all about these furry, fluffy and feathered friends. 

Following on from the success of last year's show the Young Pig of the Year competition returns with even more pigs, including the popular Pig Agility.

Teme Arena

Once you've discover all the animals in the World of Animals, sponsored by Bredon School, head to Teme Arena where there are daily animal parades where the owners will teach you about their animals, plus dog agility demonstrations.

New for 2017 we welcome Fly Ball.  Flyball is a race between two teams over a course 51 feet long in which each team dog traverses four jumps to trigger a release mechanism in the box, which shoots the tennis ball for the dog to catch and return down the lane. There are two lanes and the winning team is the first team to get all team dogs back with the ball having jumped all the fences.

The team competing is drawn from members of the Kiddy Monsters Flyball Team who train near Kidderminster on a Thursday evening, team members will be happy to tell you how to get involved.

You can start planning your day with our handy timetables


Down by the lake we have a range of activities and outdoor pursuits to take part in fishing, casting and fly-tying.  You'll also discover the Pathways Cabin where youngsters can add to the catch of the day line by decorating a paper fish while parents can take a break in the garden.

Old Tyme Fairground

Visitors can have all the fun of the fair when they come to the show. With rides all dating from the 1900s, fair goers can take a turn on the Carousal, Helter Skelter and Ferris Wheel, all ornately gilded and decorated in bright colours. All riders will return spinning and giddy from this amazing show of yesteryear.